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Posts from January, 2006


January 23rd, 2006

Here we go then- the current currents:

A dinner in Santa Barbara with friends and business partners. A quality time. Good food and drink and laugher and talk. The whole grand thing. And I come home rather than go farther north because there are other things to do.

Violet and I have “publicly” announced our wedding plans. We will be getting married in a year or so. Much love resides with this relationship- the finest i have ever been in. So much support and care and evolution…

We are getting things together to start the release of various posters. After many requests they will be printed in the next few months along with greeting cards and who knows what else.

A few select paintings are on display at The Minds’s Eye Gallery in Encinitas.

This is life: sitting all day going through the receipts. Excel worksheets. Painting on an easel awaiting my attention. Bike ride by the beach around sunset and golden colors and sweeping horizon. Wide open skies. Dinner of lite stir fry cooking on the stove… sesame and ginger and vegetables and brown rice… yum.

A Self-Made Man

January 17th, 2006

and self made man
with a finite plan
divide in half
the cord within
and find yourself
your closest twin
realize it then
in bone and skin-
the self made man

Late Nights

January 17th, 2006

It’s late, quarter to four. the night has slipped away into early morning. the arm of the figure on the canvas must be changed, head rearranged, the center a little more aligned. The box on the floor must be unpacked. the eyes must be closed, they must be sleepy, how long can it go on like this really? how long til night time and day time are no longer one and the full days work can end with the setting of the sun while the moon that shines keeps me up, just a little longer it says, with that half gone look upon its face, just a little longer… just a little more… so i’ll crawl into bed once again, beside my love and curl into her warmth and in five hours the alarm of soft music will go off too early and she will get up and go to work and i, i will go about a day, another day… another minute, second, hour, week, whiling away each moment of my life… hopefully packed tight with meaning, dripping with substance, always the dance… always a dance….

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