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Coming up from the Back Burner

April 4th, 2006

At long last, with butterflies in my brain and starry eyes in my visions, i finish a project which has plagued my back burner for two years now and more counting on all of my fingers and toes the amount of times i have said that this time i am really getting it done and now- the thing has done itself. the flicker of flutters in my mind means that i have at last come around the bend and felt it to be what it means…. at last done! finished complete! well, maybe there might be one or two more lines to make but for now, we call it just about done and a nice feeling it is i wish i could tell you all about it and what a bit of sweetness it is… instead, the whole world, at least will be thrilled my two friends who have been waiting patiently and then, not so patiently, and even to the point where Matt now text msg’s me every day til i get it done. Or an email. Sometimes a phone call. Some would call that harrassment. And i swear i am good at getting thing done in a short amount of time- look at all the paintings… but sometimes, when a project requires going back to it, doing more with it, something to touch-up, a line to fix, it gets put in back, then stuffed aside, finally placed on the top shelf where it resides for an indefinite amount of time, that is: when i have the time. and when you speak in those kind of terms, you NEVER have the time. You have to make the time. So we pour ourself a glass of wine and celebrate and toast a toast to this remarkable achievement and also to the other little beings that exist in this universe, outside of our planet, somewhere amongst the stars, smiling up at the same great void of space and wondering how infinite is the infinite really?

So a tip if you ever ask me to paint something, some kind of commission- I’ll get it done right the first time. Why create something that you always have to go back to?

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