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March 11th, 2007

Sometimes people ask what I listen to when I’m painting. Well, all sorts of things usually… Lately there has been a lot of The Talking Heads, esp. Stop Making Sense and Remain in Light. Great albums. I first heard the Talking Heads (besides fleeting bits in the 80’s when I was a kid and didn’t really understand them anyways) after I heard Phish cover Remain in Light for their Halloween show in the mid-90’s. Their “costume” would be to cover a whole album. (Others they’ve done: Quadrophenia by The Who and The Beatles’ White Album.) Anyhow, great band- Phish – I listen to them still. I still love their music, especially the crazy epicness and the long funky jams and the interspersed weirdness in songs like Harpua. Good for painting to. Now, though, I can choose the tracks from any given show rather than having to listen to a slowly deteriorating soundboard tape. Good place to download Phish shows for free: But anyhow: The Talking Heads: Phish played them well but, going back a decade and listening to the original is way better. Deep, funky, psychedelic…

Other live music I find myself listening to often is Radiohead (esp. The Bends and OK Computer) and Pink Floyd. Then there is the slew other stuff: Jimi Hendrix and a slew of classic rockers but then- The Greyboy All-stars, Spearhead, here (especially sets by andrija and the markus redux one) and here and those are long and deep and hypnotic and, if you find the right ones, have good grooves, and are well produced. Hit an miss tho… can’t count on all of them. Other music tho- Shpongle of course, Banco de Gaia, love the album called “Ahimsa” by my friends Brad and Dela. My friend Brian creates/produces all kinds of funky technoey breaks kinda music. Some good mixes of his stuff here as well as other friends there that you might like. So there’s a bunch of breaks, techno, acid house/techno kind of stuff and then there is the downtempo: Liquid Sound Design has a bunch of albums I love like Mana Medicine, Interior Horizons, Elucidations, and the like. Native State Records has put out some great compilations like Left Coast Liquid, Beneath the Surface and releases by some great artists. Highly recommended. Oh and don’t forget Interchill. They have some great artists they work with and some really sweet compilations including Sky Dancing, 13th Moon. Infiniessence, Floatation, Earth Octave Lounge. Which brings us to the ambient music… Ishq, Adham Shaikh, Solar Fields, Aes Dana, Sun Electric’s live ambient album, I think called 30.7.94., which is brilliant and if you can find yourself a copy…

So I could go on… I didn’t even get to the IDM, the vast amount of Downtempo or anything else… cause it just goes on. But check out some of those recommendations. You’re welcome to put some recommendations here if you like. Pardon the fact that you have to log in to do it – I have had it with the SpamBots posting their junk so now one has to register as a user to post stuff.

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