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The Gift

November 12th, 2008

These days I get up early, around 6AM and start painting and work til 10 or 11. I am working on a children’s book I began when I was 20. It’s been through several iterations since then. At that time, I painted about 24 pages of large watercolor paintings. I did not paint much with acrylics then. I was still in college and hadn’t fully devoted myself to my work. Also, at that point it had minimal words. I was proud of what I’d made, submitted it to some publishers and had it returned. In retrospect, it is a rough rough draft. Four or five years later, in Hawaii, the words came to me. The story rewrote itself in one night – verse and song. Of course, although the basic structure of the story the same, some things became more complex and new elements were introduced. The original drawings, at that point, were useful only as original reference points. Then, again, it was put aside. Dozens of project and many miles have passed between then and now. Now I am an accomplished painter and can step back into the story with a focused vision as well as a more refined hand. Now the story is being painted out in acrylics on canvas mounted to boards with rich bright colors telling… a tale… It is entitled "The Gift"

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