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The Big Three Dinosaurs

December 4th, 2008

Listening to this congressional automaker bailout stuff is like seeing dinosaurs asking for a reprieve. They are companies that continued to make larger and larger autos, saying that’s what Americans wanted, while their sales slowed. I saw a massive pick-up truck today that dwarfed the SUVs behind it. Sure, that guy bought it, but how many others really need that sort of monstrosity? These are dinosaurs chugging along, happily burning through the dead dinosaurs and spewing the remainder out the tailpipe, egging on their own extinction. So the big head dinosaurs go to the government and say – please, give us some money, we are a dying breed… Imagine if the Brontosauruses, the Tyranosauruses and all the others, had gone before some board- " We know we are obsolete but give us a chance." Nature did not give any chances and so evolution moved on – making better organic machines. Hopefully we humans were a high point of that (if we start fixing more than we break, we an be assured of our own continued survival). By letting the "Big 3" tumble off the cliff of extinction, we may be opening the door to newer and better innovation – the evolution of the auto industry.

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