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Posts from May, 2009

Another page of The Gift

May 14th, 2009

The Gift - Detail Page 7And carrying right along… I’ve been dating the back of these paintings when I start – they seem to take a couple of months a piece! So any sort of hope that I’d be done by summer is out the door. I might be done in a year. Besides, summer is upon us and we’ve got a bunch of stuff planned and no time for painting right now. So it’ll be put on the back burner again for a while and when things are settled again, it will be picked back up. At least now I’ve got some momentum and movement to the process. And I’ve got a ban on painting anything else (besides commissiioned work) til it’s complete. Anyhow – PAGE SPREAD 7

Blog Comments re-added

May 4th, 2009

Because of the unrelenting amount of spam arriving in my comments, I adopted a sort of ostritch approach. I stuck my head in the sand: I turned the whole thing off and deleted every possible doorway into the comments (you wouldn’t believe how many ways there are for spambots to place trackbacks, etc into the "comments to moderate" folder.) Even still though, I received comments and trackbacks. At it’s peak it was around a thousand entries of viagra oxycotin filled spam links waiting to be moderated. So I spent some time looking around and finding a better system to use.

As you may or may not know, I do a lot of web design work for various clients and, along the way, have learned the ins and outs of WordPress along with a ton of useful plugins to help make my client’s lives easier. Most of the sites I make these days are based on wordpress for their content management system. Some of them don’t even have blogs and you’d never guess it was based on WordPress. But I digress… Along the way, anyhow, I found the cformsII plugin by I really don’t know who or what delicious days is – some sort of cooking/food blog? – but someone over there made a kick ass form management plugin that allows for more customization, forms, styling, etc etc etc than anything else I’ve seen. While I could hard code a form into someone’s site, no one ever really wants it to work that way and, even for me, using some sort of management tool to do all the variables while I only have to think about how it looks, is a really nice plus. That said, it also works for comment management and tell-a-friend emails. Personally I don’t use it for the tell-a-friend aspect – that’s up to some previous scripting to handle – but the comment features are pretty nice, have some nice AJAX instant results sort of features and some nice verification aspects. And it’s pretty and pretty easy to use. Of course, I’ve turned off all the comment on the previous posts since once there is a way in, the spambots will do their best to weasel their ways back in but for now, we’ll see how this goes…

So I hope you consider leaving any thoughts you might have on something I add here! Thanks!

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