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Offering Private Classes for Committed Artists


I am offering long-term private classes to committed artists looking to deepen their creative explorations. These classes are more of an extended mentorship – a dialogue – whereby we go through all of the steps of the creative process and work towards finishing a fully realized painting. Please read on for more thoughts and and ideas about this. If you are interested in working with me, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Over the past few years, I’ve given a lot of thought as to what I have to teach others about art and creativity. One of the most important tools at an artist’s disposal is the imagination. This tool of the imagination is a powerful thing. We have the ability to morph and shape things in our visual spaces: to move in and out of them and find relationships between them. Successfully translating that to the canvas is the triumph of the visual artist.

Through this art that we make – these visions, these ideas, these imagined mindscapes – we can explore ourselves and our relationship to the internal and external worlds. Focusing that inner eye and giving it a voice through spontaneous expressions is something I’ve spent a lot of time working with. It is through visualization, moving through archetypes, personal symbols, and wordless spaces, that one finds meaningful compositions to create.

Invariably, teaching techniques for tapping into one’s personal creativity leads to exploring the translation of that onto the canvas. And so this, of course, leads back to technique. I’m not shying away from sharing ideas and approaches in that realm. On the contrary, technique is of utmost importance because if we wish to successfully translate our ideas and visions to the canvas, we need to have the right tools at out disposal. However, for me, the foremost thing is the vision. The vision – a well-explored, habitated, percolated, lived in, rotated, and fleshed out space that we know inside and out – in our minds, our hearts, our guts. It is that deeper creative process which I would like to share with others.

So these thoughts led me to decide to offer private classes to committed students who would like to work on developing a better pathway between vision and realization. I’ve chosen this approach – private classes – because I prefer working one on one. We can really get into the true process of creativity that way. These classes are specifically for artists who want to work with me in finding a deeper method of translating the internal vision – the visceral, emotional, and personal movement of it – to the canvas.

For me, the true magic of a piece happens by myself in my studio on my own time. What I would like, is to allow others to have that space for themselves while still having the instruction – the dialogue – available to them.

With these private classes, I want to work with interested artists through the many steps towards completing a fully realized painting. Work will include various visualization techniques, journaling, discussions about color and compositional theory, creating sketches, drawings, and studies towards the finished piece and, finally, translating those ideas onto the canvas, thereby completing a larger painting. It will be fun and, perhaps, difficult but, I hope, ultimately, rewarding for all involved.

We are fortunate to have many modes of communication at our disposal – phones and Skype and emails and more – so it’s not necessary that we live in the same city. What we will do is create a schedule of weekly or bi-weekly one hour check-in over the course of several months. Through that time, work will be shared and discussed. We will talk about modes and methods of creativity that you can work with at your own pace.

Movement and commitment to the process are required! Honesty, openness, and a willingness to communicate are a MUST! And you have to WANT to paint because of that inner drive, that desire to create: to make art simply for the love of it!

If you would like to work with me, I would love to hear from you!

Please email me at Include some images of your work and some thoughts on where you’re coming from and where you feel you might be heading. Don’t be shy! There’s no right or wrong! :)

A few notes:

  • Limited spaces available.
  • Payment will be discussed individually with each person.
  • Artists must have their own materials and the space to create

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