The Artwork of Michael Divine

Affiliate Linking and More

Here you will find some tips on getting started as well as some graphics you can place on your website. Of course, you are welcome to make your own banners and graphics. However, we ask that you please remain consistent with the general branding and conceptual framework. Some basic guidelines we ask you to follow:

To use your affiliate code with an image, insert it into your HTML code like this:
<a href="HTTP://WWW.TENTHOUSANDVISIONS.COM?=YOUR_AFFILIATE_LINK"><img src="IMAGE_URL" alt="The Artwork of Michael Divine |"></a>

To have the link open in a new window:

<a href="HTTP://WWW.TENTHOUSANDVISIONS.COM?=YOUR_AFFILIATE_LINK" target="_blank" title="The Artwork of Michael Divine"><img src="IMAGE_URL" alt="The Visionary Art of Michael Divine |"></a>

Remember to replace ‘YOUR_AFFILIATE_LINK’ with the code provided in the admin area.

Feel free to link to any page of – especially the main store and print pages.

banner-240x400-illumination banner-240x400-glassonion banner-240x400-birthofastar Banner-250x300-glassonion Banner-250x300-birthofastar banner-240x400-illumination banner-240x400-glassonion banner-240x400-birthofastar banner-720x300-mythoffreedom banner-720x300-illumination banner-720x300-glassonion banner-300x250-illumination banner-300x250-birthofastar banner-300x100-illumination banner-300x100-glassonionbanner-300x100-birthofastar

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