Ten ThousandVisions




Scenes Along a Roadside

By Michael Divine on July 15th, 2006

Terribly skinny ribs of white horse grazing alongside the road.
Rebar poking out of everything, six feet above some place, everything looking unfinished, a foot sticking out here, six inches there
Every building in a state of unfinshedness
Dog limping along the side of the road
rolling jagged jungle covered mountains
Exija la original!
Boy peeing in the corner
Toy store with garbage bags of cheap soccer balls
Piles of cinder blocks Strings of laundry
Old woman waiting for bus, dressed in blues and purples
High cliffs
Farmland going up steep mountainside almost vertical, how do theyt farm it like that?!
Half a dozen kids with shiny brass instruments circling round two others with big band drums alongside a driveway running down into the jungle.
Sunday market in town store fronts open fruits vegetables fabrics woman taking cash
Shiny Guatemalan buses
A big tree, old and decrepit, thick trunked, just stumps of branches but vultures perched on every single one, all on the edge of town
VW packed tight with mestizos so the back is open and legs are dangling out
Most buildings we see are half complete or half demolished or in some state between the two
Red earth lays exposed beneath the green jungle
Suddenly a new market, goes on forever- flip flops jumpsuits bras little girl chiffon dresses water guns radios stereos remote controlled this or that hair clips shoes skirts shirts shorts chopped melon belts raman noodles gold watches jewelry luggage and little old mayan woman with straps across their foreheads holding up their bags on their backs

Little boy with pesticide pack on his back trudging off to the fields
Woman sleeping in field, dressed in traditional dress
Tall pines, rocks poking up everywhere
Half a dozen little pigs crowding around something
little yellow flowers dotting roadside clearings of grass
Stand selling towers of orange copper jarred fruit something
Woman sitting beside giant bags waiting for bus looking tired
Region militia, surrounded by barbed wire, more little yellow flowers, occasional machine guns
Corndoned fields of corn bordering steep hills, cliffs rising even further
Munching on grass
Small Mexican church painted white and teal
Shacks, huts, lean-tos. a wall painted with the coca cola symbol
School bus boarded up windowed spray painted and sitting in front of a school
old woman tending sheep
off the paved high way dirt roads lead into little towns or just the deep richness of jungle now rooftops mostly unfinished or slanted aluminum or with gardens and plants, satellite dishes amidst more rebar sticking out all over, always random dogs moping about, fried chicken on the side of the road from a cart, streets, empty plaza boarded windows….

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