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Tulum for Last

July 23rd, 2006

Getting on a bus that afternoon, we go to Coba, a mosquito-laden little town of cement and stick houses, mostly unfinished, on the edge of a swampy pond. There are some runis tucked intot eh jungle we watned to check out, something supposedly off the beatn path, tucked into the jungle and yet, still close to Cancun, our point of departure. That afternoon that we arrive it is too hot to go there, tho they are a mere walk to the edge of town and instead we find the Club Med Hotel and use their pool, have some guacamole and then get back to our lesser hotel for the night and for dinner, passing the Mexican Maricahi Pop band that has set up on a stage in the basket ball court. Who the hell builds these basketball courts? I have yet to se one used for basketball. Instead all the kids want to do is play soccer, and who is to blame them? These short central Americans have a better chance at winning the world cup than ever making it into the NBA with their seven foot tall giants.

The next morning we get up early and head to Coba. There we get more of a nature walk than exploration of ruins. Yaxchilan gave us our fill of deep jungle mayan ruins, and they were truly deep ruins, plus the stella there and everything was way more well preserved. So instead we marvel at the butterflies, frogs, birds songs, flowers and all sorts of nifty bugs. It was nice to walk in the low land jungles for the morning before getting on a bus for Tulum, the last stop on our Mayan tour.

Tulum: a few small but nifty temples set on the edge of the ocean. If it weren´t for the ocean and the sweet breezes it brings it would be forgettable. Countless iguanas seemed to rule the ruins, watching the tourists warily, from their lookouts atop the various temples. We went for a swim in the turqouise blue of the Carribean and took a few pictures. Leaving amidst even more throngs of tourists we thanked the heavens we´d saved this for last and that we´d seen such beautiful ruins already.

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