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Mission Statement

By Michael Divine on November 14th, 2006

I have rewritten my mission statement as I am an evolving being…

My natural way of being is as an expression of spirit manifest in this reality that we collectively experience. My artwork is an expression of the interaction of spirit and this collectively experienced reality.

I see reality, perceive it, and digest it, creating artwork inspired and informed by those perceptions. Following psychological and metaphysical associations of colors, mind doodles, and memories as a way of allowing the spirit to manifest itself through me, the work I create expresses a beauty which, in turn, is an expression of the divine within myself. That creation, to me and to many who see it, speaks of a deep beauty and reverence for life and the process of living.

Is it my intention to create something beautiful? The morning sun rises and, by doing so, creates a work of art. The bird outside sings a song and, by following it’s natural instinct, composes a melody. Likewise, by following my own instinctual rhythms and harmonies, I can create something that expresses the natural beauty of my own “being human”.

Artwork is a way, for me, of breaking down the barriers between the world within myself and the world this “I” experiences. When I break down those barriers I find a sense of openness awareness and unity. This open awareness can be used to examine myself and my relationships with the world around me. By doing this I hope to create a healthier world for myself and others.

When I have finished a painting, I have a product of my own self-examination, expressing aspects of my own human nature and my relationship with the divine. Human experience follows numerous archetypal patterns and we all share a collective consciousness that is a deep ocean of memories, symbols and patterns. The experience I have of spirit and matter and the truths I find in my exploration thereof are echoed in these patterns. By being open to allowing these patterns and designs, archetypes and symbols to channel through me and following them to their roots and heights, I can reveal to myself and others things which we have forgotten or missed about our own beings, our divine nature and the nature of reality itself.

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