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Whatever You Do, Take Care of Your Shoes

By Michael Divine on June 1st, 2007

whatever you do, take care of your shoes.

Last line of a Phish song, that line. A fairly rocking song too that they might end or being their set with. As an ender: imagine, all these kids, a few, in a fit of ecstatic letting go, took off their shoes. O shit! Where’s the shoes now…

Well, the reason I bring it up is that- well – Someone stole my shoes! Gone! We were at Lightening in a Bottle where we had a booth set up and all was well. I was wearing my Chacos most of the time. I will not go on about the miracle that is Chaco sandal, that is another story entirely. In any case, we were camped behind our booth as it created the greatest ease of operation. However, we had some of our things back there and I’d left my shoes out next to the tent. I’m used to our full moon gatherings where people leave all kinds of stuff out. No one steals anything. They are respectful of each other and each others goods. It’s a comforting thing.

On the other hand, here we are, and my shoes are gone when I get home. And I looked everywhere, dug through everything before ending on this thought, that they are now gone, stolen, the five-finger discount. They were, still are, a nice pair of Merrills. You know, the day hiker type. Perfect shoes for desert/hot weather hiking.

Now they are gone and well, I’m not the kind of guy who has a lot of shoes. It’s just like that. I have a pair of Chacos. Great sandals. Not good shoes. I have a pair of dirty old sneakers that are dubbed as such for a reason. I have a pair of cowboy boots. Good boots. Not so useful for anything but looking good in. And I’ve got a pair of running shoes that I never wear cause I don’t run. They are brilliant white New Balance shoes. Can I wear those to a club? Can I wear them to a restaurant? Can I wear them anywhere? Not really….

So there you have it- when you take someone’s shoes you are actually committing a grave crime whereby the owner of the shoes NO LONGER HAS ANY SHOES TO WEAR! ahem. Play it safe. Trust in Allah but lock your shoes.

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