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By Michael Divine on May 13th, 2008

First, let me wax poetic about my cat. He just might be the best cat in the world. When it is late late at night, like it is right now, at about 4 am he gets antsy because I am still up. Maybe he’s hungry or maybe he wants to go outside. He was sleeping soundly but I’d finished painting and made a noise that woke him up. So I pour a glass of wine in the kitchen; I give him a few crunchies. Then he follows me back into the studio, thinking maybe he should go outside. I pick him up, put him on my lap, as I sit at my desk. He curls up on my lap, doing his best to be comfortable and then, as he purrs and realizes he’s stoked, he looks up at me with the sweetest, most loving look a cat-owner could desire. It is this look, this loving gaze, this sweet thank you, that all cat owners live for, when it comes to responses from the cat anyhow.

So it goes.
I received an email yesterday from someone who had visited my site. She said some really nice things. One was “your art is alive and moving right now”. That was really nice to read and definitely something I look to create/represent/embody while I paint. To be that moving, changing, morphing energy of life and watch it echo through me onto the canvas. The painting I am working on right now- fourth in the series of five, and the last one to complete, although the others will get a bit more work/treatment to the colors to fully create the cohesiveness of the vision… Anyhow- the image right now is very fractal like. But in that fractal quality, a spherical orb comes from the center horizon along the curving arc of the fractal and within it is a person, slowly coming to life, to a sitting meditative position. It is as animated as a painting can be, without actually being a moving picture.

Life, painting, even sitting- they all are movement. They are life. Let us dance, Let us walk. Let us sit. Within it all, there is movement- our heart beats, our blood pumps, our eyes blink or twitch, our lungs expand… contract… expand… contract… our ventricles and capillaries, our synapses and lymph nodes… Movement, a syncopated dance… with that, I am off to bed.

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