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New Digs

By Michael Divine on May 27th, 2008

We have moved into a new house, in a new city, in a new neighborhood and have all of our things carefully arranged so that we know it is our home. It is, of course, not a new house but was built in 1960 something. Nor is it a new city- it was founded in the 1700’s. Maybe. History is a tricky thing. But it is, by all means, not new. Our things however, are surely ours, in so much as they were still in the storage unit we had paid for before we had left for Mexico and, when we had returned, they had a familiarity to them that the things in the storage unit next to ours would have surely lacked. Maybe we are just babysitting them, though. That’s fine. We’ll keep an eye on them.

Our new city is San Diego. Not a bad place. A quiet place for certain. Not LA. Not Venice Beach. Me miss Venice sometimes. But there is far less distraction here. No beach to go ride my bike down and enjoy the glorious sunset and ocean breezes. No sir. No distractions like that, thank god. I could go down to Pacific Beach or up to Torrey Pines park if i wanted to. It’s pretty up there. But we live in the suburban neighborhood of Clairemont, southeast of La Jolla and UCSD and northeast of Pacific Beach. Here i can enjoy the comfort of knowing that everyone else’s house has the same layout as my own. If that was something i needed to have to feel safe, then surely, safety would be mine.

A painting now sits, only just begun, on my easel and crickets, something we only heard in LA when we got some for Smeagol, our frog, chirp outside. The hour is late, Pink Floyd sings about the echo of clouds on the stereo and Violet works in the next room on a graphic design project.

I have been working on a website: taylormaidenspace.com for a poet friend. Take a look, though as of this moment it isn’t done yet, and drop her a line and tell her how beautiful her words are. Because they are. Web design had become a side job for me as of late, more and more. I like it, people like it and i find people with nifty ideas that need a boat for them. If you know how to build that boat, then why deny people of your skills? Here is another one i made recently: robinclark.org for my friend Robin who lives in LA. She is a channel, a medium, and has wonderful wisdom to share. Someday she will write her book. It will surely be a beautiful book.

So that is as it is. This giant print of the Kalachakra Mandala, which i have had for years, acquiring it a long time ago in Hawaii, sits over my desk, slowly revolving in my minds eye. Nighttime calls…

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