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The (Nearly) Imperceptable Nature of Sublimity

May 3rd, 2010

who is this ms. asked myself
as i watched her
in her black and white jacket
of flourishes and curves
as she leaned back against the wall
asking for another glass of wine,

As the music dipped softly sublime
in implications
of deeper intonations
her body, against the wall and
under the jacket

as if her soul
in the love making

And, in what I can only blame upon
my curious artist eye,
and a penchant for the edge,
I stepped closer for her eyes
were closed and mine,
mine were as open as I could see.

I moved closer til
a mischievous smile
alighted upon my eye
and I took a slight step back
lest I peck her
the nose

In that pause I looked.

I looked at finely etched lines
And deep dark curving lips
A broad nose
and eyes
still, in
someone i’ve known my whole life
the oldest woman i’d met in years
laughing into the deepest memories
of both of our anguishes
and all of our fears.

It took my breath away for a moment
and i bowed deeply from within if not,
and just as seemingly
from without.

what worlds there are.
what worlds are there.


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