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Inspirations: Inspired Art From Artists Past

By Michael Divine on June 10th, 2011

Over the years I’ve been compiling a collection of images of art I find inspiring. I’m particularly drawn to artwork that preceded this thing that people call “visionary art.” There was a moment around the late 1800’s when art took a turn from outwards representations to inwards exploration. This was the birth of Modern Art (which, incidentally, seems to have “ended” as a movement in the 50’s. So much for modernity!). Modern Art encompassed all number of motifs and approaches – Symbolism, Cubism, Futurism, Pointilism, Surrealism… So many ISMs!

And so many artists: Umberto Boccioni and Frantisek Kupka and Gustav Klimt, Max Ernst and Irving Norman, Robert Delauney and Jan Toroop, Golden Age Illustrators like Kay Nielsen and Arthur Rackham, and so many many more visionaries who sometimes get lost in the annals of art history.

Below is a link to a gallery on my Facebook page of some of this inspiring artwork. I’ve included some commentary with some of the pieces to share what it is about them that I love. Enjoy.


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