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The “Other” Paintings

By Michael Divine on October 24th, 2011

Unfinished - Acrylic/Canvas | 18" x 12"

While preparing for my upcoming show at Temple of Visions, I have been pulling numerous paintings out from their hiding places. Some have been placed there unfinished simply because I had been distracted away while others were put aside because they couldn’t fully represent me in some show or another. Often, too, I create small works while painting some larger more intensive piece. I might have a canvas that I’m working on for three or four months. Yet, there’s so much going on all the time internally and externally that, after a while, that painting on the canvas becomes a process in and of itself and I experience the need to simply create for the sake of creating. I want to explore emotions or spaces that my current painting doesn’t allow for. So I stretch a small canvas and go for it. Often these small pieces are sketch-like, or maybe more “impressionistic” in some ways. They get worked on in fits and starts, lingering nearby while I work on something more focused. And yet, over time, these pieces become something. Often is it something I didn’t expect. Sometimes, after a period of time has passed, I look at them and say – ah, what is this? What is this emotion? I look at those lines – the intricacy here, the spontaneity there, the emotive quality of a line and the fire that went into it. And I’m often glad that I left this emotional artifact.

With these big paintings I paint – with all of their delicate line work, their careful plotting, and intuitive yet thought-out color choices – I try to strike the fine balance between careful planning and spontaneity. Yet, when I look at the works of Monet or Boccioni, I see in the seeming spontaneous brushstrokes – the dabs and daubs of paint – an emotional/creative process that I also love and strive for. These other paintings work with that as much as anything else.

I look forward to sharing some of these pieces – works that I’ve never shown in public places before – and allowing for others to get a deeper glimpse into my creative process. It’s not all careful lines. Sometimes it’s jut dabbing and daubing and random patterns. Out of that murky and frantic fire of creativity, one never knows what might arise.

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