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May You Never Thirst

By Michael Divine on September 24th, 2016
"The Tower of Babel" (detail) Acrylic/Canvas, 2007

“The Tower of Babel” (detail) Acrylic/Canvas, 2007

Yesterday morning I was making a smoothie. The front door was open though there’s a screen door. I heard someone yell in over the noise of the blender. There was rougher looking guy at the door with sunglasses on and a couple of bags and, well, looking like the street folks who live round these parts. My guards went up. My inner walls raised. My triggers on alert. Because… because it happens. It’s second nature when you live in the city for a long while. There is immediate suspicion when someone enters your personal bubble uninvited.

He asked me nicely if I could fill up his water bottle because he was so very thirsty. He looked pretty thirsty. It was hot outside. And there’s not much in the way of public water (though plenty of people watering their lawns). I took the bottle from his hand, waiting for the other hand to grab me. For the trick, the ruse, the part where my sense of security is challenged. But nothing happened. I returned from the kitchen with the filled bottle back. He took it and took a good drink. Then he thanked me and continued on with his day, wherever it might be leading him.

This man was thirsty. That was it. And he asked the nearest spot for something to drink. I would like to say FULL STOP. But I’m thinking: was he scoping my house? What would it have been if the door had been open but I hadn’t answered? Like that neighbor who had someone go in and steal his keys and then his car? What if I’d been a woman? But maybe he was just thirsty. End of story.

There’s so many walls that get built up. So many fears and suspicions. Often, those fears have been validated by entirely true stories we hear repeated time and again. Someone broke into my own car once. But maybe this story validates a different perspective: that helping each other, that offering care, that simply being friendly and generous to each other is also a valid story. As they say, trust in allah but tie your camel. Trust that doing good for others is the best approach but leaving your keys in your car is probably not a good idea.

This world is a beautiful jewel… and then there is this world that we humans have live in within that world with all of our struggles, wars, discord, our suspicions, identities, and fears. It is an intricate web we’ve created to govern and rule and give and take and create layers and layers of fine-grained separation. So often I look up and see once again my fellow humans crushing or being crushed by my other fellow humans. When the door is held open only for those of a certain color, race, gender, creed, sexual orientation, income level, but shut on everyone else, then there is no love.

The best we, I, all of us can do sometimes is be generous in our own lives… forging ahead on the most compassionate path. The best we can do sometimes is to remember to hold the door, offer a drink – metaphorically or otherwise.

May you never thirst.

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