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Kiva – Loans that Change Lives

By Michael Divine on September 4th, 2017
Kiva - Loans that Change Lives

Some time back I loaned some money on Kiva. Then, after the allotted time, I started getting my repayments. Those payments ended up just sitting in my account there not doing much. So I started looking around and reloaning the money. A little here, a little there. Every little bit, they say, helps. Plus,tThese are LOANS not gifts. While there’s no monetary return other than the original loan, there IS the benefit of helping others in the world. I’ve looked through the various projects in the world to see what people are doing. Most are sole proprietor businesses looking to…  READ MORE

Why You Should Make Art (according to science)

By Michael Divine on July 31st, 2017

#5 – “Turning our problems into narratives can help us work through them” – is really a key part of my work. When I am thinking of what next to paint, I try to find works that help to guide me through my life, the preciously beautiful as well as the preciously tragic. The transference of thought into matter for no other reason than as an expression of ourselves and finding the patience to see it through, whether a napkin doodle or an epic painting, is an important part of our humanness to nurture. And if it is only to…  READ MORE

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A Walk Through Our Garden

By Michael Divine on July 4th, 2017
The blossoms of our garden

A walk through the garden. A pause here and there. Persimmons and plums. Grape vines overflowing over the trellis of the bridge. Tomatoes and peppers. Squash and corn. So many different flowers and soft shades on sprigs of green leaves all mixing and dancing and leaving their echoes in me. This little stream that trickles into our pond. The koi that swim about and the damselflies and dragonflies and butterflies and birds that dart to and fro. My cats that follow me around. And I. A steward of this earth and this little corner of life all swirling together doing…  READ MORE

Our Anniversary

By Michael Divine on June 22nd, 2017

Today is 9 years of being married to Violet. She is an amazing woman. There’s so much we’ve done together and so much yet to come. I’m so grateful for her inspiration, her love, her patience, her holding me to my highest self. I’m truly blessed to have such an amazing human with me as I walk through this world. I wish we could be together today but, second year in a row, life has conspired otherwise. So instead I made this sentimental post and a montage of us kissing. :)

For the Patriarchs of the World

By Michael Divine on June 18th, 2017

Today I honor the patriarchs in my life. I’d like to redefine patriarch. It has, for too long, been used the wrong way – especially by the men who wield its power as a form of subjugation, control, and personal gain. The patriarch is the balance to the matriarch. The patriarch takes a role of securing a space, defending it, helping to sustain it. Rather than being a binary gender role, it is an archetype in our human experience. When it comes to the home, there are many things to defend against: the home must be defended from the elements,…  READ MORE

What Painting Is

By Michael Divine on May 27th, 2017
Working on The Apotheosis of Hope

I wake up because the cat is mrowing because he’s hungry and I slept fifteen minutes later than I usually sleep and he’s come over to my side of the bed imploring me to please get up now because he is HUNGRY but I’d like to sleep even though I know I am going to get up because morning and painting. I pull myself up while Violet stays sleeping. The sun is up though not broken over the hill yet so it’s still early which is good. When I do the math, it means X number of hours til noon…  READ MORE

The Bicycle Day Parade

By Michael Divine on April 19th, 2017
Bicycle Day Parade San Francisco

I made another poster for the Bicycle Day Parade in San Francisco, April 19th.  

Broken Open: A Review of the New Album from The Human Experience

By Michael Divine on February 11th, 2017
Broken Open | The Human Experience

For me, one of my litmus tests for music is: can I paint to it? And, in that, I often look for full albums. Afterall, then I don’t need to change the music for an hour, at least. Yet, people are so quick to consume these days that the ‘track;’ has seemed to take precedent over the album and, in my opinion, it’s been harder to find full albums. That ‘full album experience’, for instance, means that to really enjoy track 5, you need to have followed the rhythms of track 4. The bloops and pops of track 9 set…  READ MORE


By Michael Divine on January 20th, 2017

When I was 3 my mom came running from the other room when she heard me screaming. My hand clutched my face and blood was streaming out. She thought I’d lost an eye but I’d only slammed my forehead on the corner of the coffee table. When I was eight I fell right down from the top of a set of monkey bars – it seemed so high at the time – and slammed my head on the ground. I don’t remember much of it but it didn’t seem to do any lasting damage. When I was 19, I left…  READ MORE

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