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The Crucible by Michael Divine

Detail of “The Crucible” by Michael Divine

Where We’re Coming From

We believe that art inspires life. And beautiful art inspires beautiful lives.

We believe that artwork can unify people and communities through the exploration of shared archetypal experiences. We all experience grief and loss, joy and excitement. We know the sensation of a sublimely beautiful sunset, a suddenness of a lightening strike, the softly wafting lilt of the breeze.

By cutting through the stories, we can find a deeper dialogue with each other through common bonds and threads of experience. In this way, art is a point of departure as well as a place of gathering.

It is a place where the dialogue about and with the piece can engender a deeper sense of unity amongst the viewers because we find mutually shared relationships within the thematic elements of a piece.

It is also a place from which we can travel on our own personal journeys. Art can conjure up feelings and sensations which seem unique to each and every one of us. A true work of art speaks to the each viewer’s unique and authentic experience the piece seeks to convey. It allows the viewer to participate in a one-on-one dialogue with the piece with the work acting as a sort of mirror for the viewer’s own personal experience.

The best works of art meet others from any and all walks of life as equals regardless of age or religion and personal background or gender and so on.

Our goal is to meet people as they are and inspire them towards a more beautiful and unified world that we know can and should exist. Our art is about the boundarilessness of the human psyche and the depths of experience that we are all capable of. It is about the joy of living. It is also about the grief and the heartache and that which chafes or feels uncomfortable. It is about all of the everything that is our experience here as human beings because that experience – and the sensations that come along with it – is all that we have.

Time and time again, we come back to this human experience. We are breathtakingly beautiful creatures. We are capable of so much. We are as capable of destroying one another as we are of living and loving together harmoniously.

We want to create the art that is about loving one another, giving to one another, and living in harmony with one another and the world around us.

There is no truer thing that is needed on this planet than finding ways to live in union with each other.

That’s the core intention of every painting, every installation, every mural, every song or poem or narrative.

And that is the most beautiful thing we can imagine: a world that is like a mirror of our vision of the heavens: a million billion stars all dancing together in the most beautiful dance possible.

– Michael & Violet Divine


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