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Attempting to Thwart a Better Future

By Michael Divine on February 28th, 2009

The conservative outcry against Obama has been getting to me a bit. While I don’t necessarily agree with the massive bailouts of banks and mortgages – afterall, bad investments are bad investments and markets fluctuate regularly, such is life – what I do agree with is the need to build and repair this nations infrastructure and invest in clean renewable energy sources. This is the path of progress. Some of this "infrastructure" includes repairing roads, providing money to schools and education, updating and building internet and broadband systems, and creating a public healthcare system.

Terrible ideas, say the conservatives. A Republican senator claimed that this is the path towards socialism and that, if Obama doesn’t watch out there will be conservatives marching in the street. What does that look like anyways? A bunch of stodgy white folks waving signs that read "No New Roads!" and "No Money for Schools!" and "We don’t want healthcare!".


Maybe it was a bumper sticker that read "National healthcare in Iraq is good foreign policy. National healthcare in the USA is socialism."

Another senator was quoted some years back before Bush went forward with a decidedly messy invasion of iraq as saying: the price of invading Iraq and bringing the freedom to the Iraqis, while a costly and expensive burden for future generations to shoulder, is necessary and those future generations will understand. The same senator was quoted recently, speaking about an item in the stimulus bill regarding money for national parks – we can’t put the burden of paying for our national parks on future generations! How dare us!

Gosh, I almost feel selfish thinking that my children’s children will be pissed that I preserved some mountains
WTF?! So it’s ok to destroy a country to propagate our capitalist democracy (and because we are envious of their oil) but not ok to preserve our own natural treasures? I really don’t understand people. Sure, on a broader basis I can distill it down to basic human ailments like Greed, Jealousy, Lust, etc… But the sheer lack of logic here – the mind that thinks it better to spend billions of dollars and waste countless lives on invading another country instead of, say, repairing our own broken systems… is just mind-bogglingly unbalanced.

But that is how fucked up our world has become. People would rather strip the wide swatchs of Alberta, Canada, forest for sand laden that contains oil than invest money in renewable resources. If the stimulus bill included more coal plants, more money for the military and money for telecommunication companies to create a non-neutral internet, then the conservatives would be leaping with joy. Instead they piss and moan that we’re going to fix their schools, provide them with cleaner energy sources and bail out the institutions that FAILED because of their own short-sighted small-minded regulations, or lack thereof.



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