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Giving is a Great Deal.

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When I was a kid “Black Friday” didn’t really exist. Friday after Thanksgiving was just “Friday after Thanksgiving.” I tended to be with my family. We would go for a hike or be with aunts, uncles, and cousins or maybe just not do anything at all. Mostly, it was a day for basking in the glow of a gratitude-laden (and turkey and cranberry relish and potatoes and everything else) Thanksgiving.I realize that the history of Thanksgiving is hazy at best and completely terrible at worse and that much of it has simply become an oft-repeated myth. But it is none-the-less a day we have in our consciousness, at least here in the US, as a moment to give thanks. If, at this point, it’s a day just for having a bit of gratitude for life, for everything… A day of giving of oneself, a day to be with family and friends, another beautiful day to breath, then I think that is a day I’m into celebrating. It is a pause in our rush rush rush lives.

Over the past few years, we’ve all read these horror stories about Black Friday death and mayhem and general disregard for the basic humanity of others. People trampled for an HDTV or an XBox or just to be first one in the store in a feeding frenzy of consumption! I really think this consumption of things disease is a fire that’s been fanned to a frenzy by the consumerist culture we live in. It’s easier to desire the next great gadget than to learn to love one another.

Even worse, in recent years, ‘Black Friday’ has in fact become ‘Black Thursday’ – as championed by that bastion of cheap goods, low wages, and insane profits: Wal-Mart. And it’s not just them… It’s all of corporate America (and anyone else just hoping to get a slice of the pie you’ve got in your pocket called ‘your paycheck’) and it constantly tries to monetize every moment of our lives. Thanksgiving? Just a speedbump on the road to Christmas! Get thineselves and thine credit cards to our temple of consumption! Stop whining about your tryptophan high – we all know that’s just a myth! And it is. All of it.

So we decided to do something different and compiled a great collection of non-profits run by people who are working to create a better world. There’s environmental groups, assistance for veterans, literacy and welfare promotion, LOTS of stuff.

It’s so easy to spend a few bucks on a cup of coffee. A new app. A movie. Why not take a moment and spread that somewhere else – somewhere that it will offer some help to someone who could also use it?

We truly want to help make the world a happier, healthier place for all who live here. We did this because we want to spread some love, spread some laughter, and remind you that life is unexpected. You came here expecting deals and got a list of non-profits instead. For others.. the unexpected can be a typhoon, a disease, poverty, hunger…

Today’s a great day to be with your family, call your mom, call your dad, spend some time with your loved ones, spend some time with yourself, enjoy the air, go for a walk, exercise the gratitude muscle a bit. And, as they say, if you can’t be with the ones you love, then love the ones your with.

We love you. :)


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