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Two things going on.

By Michael Divine on May 25th, 2007

There are two things going on. Well, more than two to be exact but right now let us look at this: A man walking by with his replacement gutter. A man holding the door for a couple. An older woman with bleached blondish hair eating her pastry and drinking her, most-likely, non-fat mocha with whipped cream. A fat woman getting out of her car, parked in handicap spot, talking on cell phone. Looks healthy enough…. An older man looking at the paper, shaking his head. Looking at the newspaper, shaking his head. How many times to you see it as you get older? The liberal left, the liberal right. The conservative left, the conservative right. the name-calling, war-mongering, blood letting wanting to take over world?

How many little Hitlers running around like they want to rule the world? How many making it to the top? And what about this one who is running the country? DId you hear the latest news? No, not the part about the Iraq War spending bill. And no, not the part about the old Victorian house downtown that is getting demolished… I mean the part, buried in a far dusty corner of the official US GOV. website which rehashes the recent presidential executive order giving the President power to declare martial law when he sees fit and seizing control of all branches of the government. Didn’t hear about it? No, no one did. He would hate to have too many people know about that one. Guess what: tornado! Marshall Law! Terrorist attack! Martial Law! Flood… earthquake… flu outbreak… Martial LAW! Do you know what that means? Do you want to live in a world like that?

There will always be people who want to be leaders and there will always be people who want to follow. How do we teach them better that their chosen leaders are not the best leaders? How do we teach people to lead themselves rather than always waiting to follow?

The two things that are going on are these:

1: The world at large, as we see it, out our window, through the door, our neighbors yard, driving down the highways, etc.

2: The world as it is being shaped by the world leaders who are actively and exuberantly piloting our planet into a burning hole. I am sorry if this sours your breakfast or spoils your desserts but this is the sad truth of it.


We are not passive resisters. We are not sheep. We are humans, men, women, children, all with countless teachers to guide us. All with our own hearts to guide us. Wake up!


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