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What I have been

By Michael Divine on October 9th, 2007

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I have been a visionary, a writer, an artist.
I have been the one, sitting in cafes, doing absolutely nothing but passing the time.
I have been in love.
I have been the one with the crush.
I have been loved.
I have been hated.
I have broken hearts.
I have been a typical guy.
I have been a liar, a cheat, a thief.
I have been honest, a helping hand, a guardian angel
I have been laughter and joy, a bright shining light that gives hope
I have dashed that hope, been a sarcastic, cynical bastard
I have been a hiker, a driver, a passenger, a gypsy
I have been a renter, an employee, a business partner, a buyer, a seller, an interested party, a disinterested observer and a casual passerby.
I have been a complete stranger to many people, more than I could count.
I have been a best friend to only a few.
I have been an acquaintance to far more and a friend to many.
I have been a library assistant, a bookbinder, a dishwasher, a ski bum, a graphic designer, a painter, a poet, a janitor, a cook.
I have been a child, a baby, a thought, a dream.
I have been a boy making farting noises and annoying my sister.
I have been a teenager growing his hair long in defiance of the “system”, mowing the lawn on the weekend.
I have been a stoner, a tripper, the one in the corner you hoped was ok.
I have been a dancer, in the middle of the fray, opening and opening and opening to the never ending effulgence of the divine.
I have been Shiva, Buddha, Christ.
I have been a shaman, a mosaic worker, a healer and a sage.
I have been a fortune teller.
I have a revolutionary
I have been completely apathetic.
I have been a yogi, a meditator, a student, a teacher.
I have been the darkness.
I have been the light.
I have been NOW


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