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Interview on Reality Sandwich

By Michael DivineFebruary 10, 2014  •  Interviews

Nese Devenot interviewed me recently for www.RealitySandwich.com.
From her Introduction... Among the newer iterations of visionary artists - a cohort that includes Amanda Sage, Luke Brown, Adam Scott Miller, and Andrew “Android” Jones - Michael Divine has carved out a niche all his own. His evolving style is unmistakeable even from a distance: sweeping vistas, vaulting archways, and numinous geometries establish epic scales of wonder and discovery, while stylized figures express an emotional intensity that seems incongruous with the simplicity of their forms. Energetic tendrils and cloudy billows are pierced by sharp lines and distinctive edges — contrasts of form that mirror the juxtaposition of colors, which often arrive in a mix of pastels: coral and turquoise, sunset golds and royal violets. The total compositions are encounters with - not just depictions of - divine insights and profound meditation. Viewers enter the fold of a capacious awareness that strikes viscerally, at the gut level, resulting in a transference of epiphany.
Read the full interview here: http://realitysandwich.com/216755/transference-epiphany-talk-michael-divine/