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“Persuing the Ineffable” – The New Book of Michael Divine’s Art

By Michael DivineApril 26, 2023  •  Books

Persuing the Ineffable is the new book of Michael Divine’s breath-taking artwork made in the 10 years following his first book, This Sublime Dance. This full color, cloth-bound, foil-stamped, hardcover book is beautifully crafted with full color, heavy weight, glossy pages, and a gold embossed dust jacket.

Order Your Copy HERE

The book is a limited of 750 and each copy is signed and numbered on a bound page. The 226 page book features over 200 paintings and drawings with multiple fold out pages and giant full page details as well as contributing essays from Bill Moses and Violet Divine.


View Michael’s Artwork at the Middletown Art Center in Middletown, CA

By Michael DivineJune 2, 2023  •  Events

Middletown Art Center Michael Divine Show

Located in Middletown, CA, the Middletown Art Center is dedicated to hosting a space for art engagement in Lake County, CA. Michael and Violet have painted numerous murals throughout the county and Lisa Kaplan, the director of MAC, wanted to share Michael's work with the community.

Artwork is on view through July 12, 2023.


About Our Logo

By Michael DivineMay 22, 2023  •  Observations

TenThousandVisions Logo Infinity Knot Based on Buddhist Infinite Compassion Knot

I don't know if you've noticed our logo. It's sort of a six pointed knot. I'll tell you the story about it.

Many (many) years ago, I was hired by Jager Di Paola Kemp Design, a design firm in Burlington (I believe they have changed their name/rebranded to "Solidarity of Unbridled Labour"). They've done work for Phish, Magic Hat (a VT brewery) and a ton of other local and not-so-local names including (and most importantly for this story) Burton Snowboards who is headquartered in Burlington, VT.


New Special Edition Prints

By Michael Divine  •  Print Releases

We just released our first of a print in a new print series. The Special Edition Embossed Print Series features smaller works printed on paper. Each edition is limited to a one week sale. No further prints will be made after that!

The first print in the series was my painting "Just Waltzing Through the World Trying to Keep it All Together" and was printed on Canson Aquarelle paper. Their Aquarelle paper is a cotton based paper with a soft watercolor texture. Each print is signed and numbered and then embossed in the lower right hand corner with TenThousandVisions Press.


New Print: Samadhi

By Michael DivineOctober 30, 2022  •  Print Releases


Signed and numbered canvas giclee prints of my new painting "Samadhi" are now available in the shop. The painting's original size is 60" x 40" and prints are available in three sizes.

Order your print HERE


Lady Luck Garage Murals in Kelseyville, CA

By Michael DivineOctober 16, 2022  •  Murals

We recently completed these two murals at Lady Luck Garage in Kelseyville, CA. Lady Luck Garage is a classic car consignment gallery specializing in rare and pristine pre-1975 cars. The shop has GTOs, Chevy Bel Airs, hot rods, and more. The building is over a 100 years old and 120' on both sides. The plan is to eventually paint the total length of both walls. These two sections are about 40' each. Fun times!

Enjoy the images of the mural below.


The Sky High Seas Dispensary Mural

By Michael DivineMay 7, 2022  •  Murals

Lakeside Herbal Solutions is a dispensary located in Clearlake, CA. The owner wanted a mural depicting a menagerie of crystalline forms, a massive octopus, a glorious sunset, and epic arias floating into the sky. Like an undersea daydream, the mural cascades across the front of the building welcoming customers and clients with its vibrant imagery.

Enjoy the images of the mural below.


Hope Rising Mural

By Michael DivineApril 7, 2022  •  Murals

Violet and I painted this mural of the life cycle of a dragonfly as it rises out of the waters and into the open sky for The Hope center in Clearlake, CA. The Hope Center is a resource for people experiencing homelessness and/or substance abuse. In their work there, they use the dragonfly in their story of healing and renewal where the dragonfly rises out of the muck and continues to grow through its life cycle. The mural shows the dragon fly eggs on the left in the chaos and follows its transition into the world.

Enjoy the images of the mural below.


“Matters of the Heart” – Album Cover

By Michael DivineJune 19, 2021  •  Music

Bluetech's record label "Behind the Sky" just released "Matters of the Heart" - a beautiful compilation of music from my long time friend DJ Maggie and featuring my painting "The Birth of Venus" on the cover. It's available on Bandcamp both as a digital version and a beautiful double LP vinyl album.

From Bandcamp:


Dreaming Awake Single Covers

By Michael DivineJune 9, 2021  •  Music

I've been licensing artwork to Treavor Moontribe of Desert Dwellers for use on the singles releases on his record label Dreaming Awake. We've been friends for many years and I've always had fun on dance floors he's playing at and have known him for years.

Below are a few.