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Lady Luck Garage Murals in Kelseyville, CA

By Michael DivineOctober 16, 2022  •  Murals

We recently completed these two murals at Lady Luck Garage in Kelseyville, CA. Lady Luck Garage is a classic car consignment gallery specializing in rare and pristine pre-1975 cars. The shop has GTOs, Chevy Bel Airs, hot rods, and more. The building is over a 100 years old and 120' on both sides. The plan is to eventually paint the total length of both walls. These two sections are about 40' each. Fun times!

Enjoy the images of the mural below.


The Sky High Seas Dispensary Mural

By Michael DivineMay 7, 2022  •  Murals

Lakeside Herbal Solutions is a dispensary located in Clearlake, CA. The owner wanted a mural depicting a menagerie of crystalline forms, a massive octopus, a glorious sunset, and epic arias floating into the sky. Like an undersea daydream, the mural cascades across the front of the building welcoming customers and clients with its vibrant imagery.

Enjoy the images of the mural below.


Hope Rising Mural

By Michael DivineApril 7, 2022  •  Murals

Violet and I painted this mural of the life cycle of a dragonfly as it rises out of the waters and into the open sky for The Hope center in Clearlake, CA. The Hope Center is a resource for people experiencing homelessness and/or substance abuse. In their work there, they use the dragonfly in their story of healing and renewal where the dragonfly rises out of the muck and continues to grow through its life cycle. The mural shows the dragon fly eggs on the left in the chaos and follows its transition into the world.

Enjoy the images of the mural below.


Redbud Park Bass Mural in Clearlake, CA

By Michael DivineSeptember 30, 2020  •  Murals

We recently had the pleasure of painting a mural at the entrance to Redbud Park in Clearlake CA. Clearlake is the biggest lake in California (as well as the deepest) and has an annual bass fishing competition every February. In honor of the bass-centric audience, we painted this epic fisherman with the one that's quite likely getting away.

Enjoy the images of the mural below.


Austin Park Murals in Clearlake, CA

By Michael DivineMay 31, 2020  •  Murals

Wistful Mural - Clearlake, CA

We had the pleasure of painting some vibrant murals in Austin Park in Clearlake, CA. The town had recently refurbished the park with new playground facilities and a bandstand/performance stage. The park sits on the edge of beautiful Clear Lake with sweeping views of Mt Konocti. The town wanted images that spoke to the natural beauty in the flora and fauna of the county. We felt that zooming in on the flowers and the life that thrives around them would be great.

One side features a mural of a giant dragonfly that a person can leap up and take a picture with as if they are the dragonfly. The other side hosts a mural of a bumblebee on wisteria blossoms.


Pomo Mural in Lakeport, CA

By Michael DivineNovember 20, 2019  •  Murals

We designed this mural in Lakeport, CA honoring the basket weaving traditions of the native Pomo tribes. The building is intended to be a community center.

Enjoy the images of the mural below.


MOVA Gallery Mural in San Francisco, CA

By Michael DivineNovember 8, 2019  •  Murals

MOVA Gallery mural - San Francisco, CA

I painted a the facade of the MOVA Gallery - an art gallery on Haight Street in San Francisco. The design was a mix of geometric motifs and gradients on a deep black background utilizing the whole of the facade and including some finer details like the lines over the entry way. Because the gallery shows a wide mix of art, I wanted to create something that was vibrant and bold but also not overly specific. I had a show there that month as well and this was a great way to frame it.

Enjoy the images below.


Sunrise Sunset Mural

By Michael DivineSeptember 30, 2016  •  Murals

Sunrise Sunset Mural - Private Residence, Ojai, CA

I painted this mural for a client in the master bedroom of their custom built Craftsman home. The Craftsman/Arts & Crafts style flourished in the early 1900s and unique expressions of its ethos can be found in the art and architecture of California.

According to Wikipedia:


Aroha Chapel Altarpiece Panels in New Zealand

By Michael DivineMarch 7, 2016  •  Murals

We created these panels, titled "Chaos & Grace", for the Wallaceville Church on location over the course of several months in the absolutely gorgeous Whiteman's Valley just outside of Upper Hutt in New Zealand. We were inspired by the sweepingly beautiful surroundings, the natural splendor, and the energizing community.

We also designed and installed the frame using local hardwoods and employing a local CNC cutter. The goal was to create something uplifting and inspiring for the community and a sense of non-denominational spirituality for the church.


Convergence Mural in Venice Beach

By Michael DivineMay 24, 2015  •  Murals

We had the pleasure of painting the west facing side of the landmark church located at the corner of Rose and Third streets in Venice Beach.

Created to mesh with the existing murals - the Hamsa styled hand and the murals to the left and right, it is a true convergence of colors and forms.