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Over the years, I’ve painted numerous murals – from grand altarpieces to simple idylls – from businesses to homes to yoga studios – on my own or with my wife, Violet. Below is a selection of some of the finest works. Want to discuss a mural project? Contact me at [email protected]

Aroha Chapel - New Zealand

Created created on location over the course of several months, these panels adorn the altar of the Wallaceville Church in Whiteman\'s Valley, Upper Hutt, New Zealand. <br><br>The altarpiece is titled \'Chaos & Grace\' and was primarily designed and executed by Michael Divine. The circular panel is titled \'Eternal Becoming\' and was primarily designed and executed by Violet Divine.<br><br>The frame pieces were also designed and constructed by Michael and Violet.

Eye of Horus Panel

Convergence - Venice, CA

In March 2015, Michael and Violet Divine painted the mural titled ‘Convergence’ on this century-old Venice landmark church. The mural beautifully incorporates elements created by others – seamlessly blending the very graphic and blue Hamsa hand into its design and cleanly relating to the murals to the left and right. The title ‘Convergence’ seemed appropriate because it references this converging of ideas to create something altogether new and different. The church is located at 305 Rose Ave in Venice, CA. The mural was created for the people of Venice and Los Angeles.

Casa Barranca Tasting Room

<p>Master architects of the Arts and Crafts movement <a href=\"http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greene_and_Greene\" target=\"_blank\">Greene and Greene</a>, whose <a href=\"http://www.casabarranca.com/estate\" target=\"_blank\">Pratt House Estate</a> is home to the Casa Barranca Winery, have held considerable inspiration for me. My own work has often been informed and inspired by Greene and Greene\'s attention to detail, their nuanced lines, and their naturalistic styles as well as the overall ethos of the Arts and Crafts movement.</p> <p>This mural, designed for the Casa Barranca Tasting Room in downtown Ojai, CA, is a combined vision of design motifs - the color combinations of leaded stained glass windows, the naturalistic tendencies of the Greenes, and my own inspiration and vision.</p> <p>Learn more about the Casa Barranca Winery here: <a href=\"http://www.organic-wine.com\" target=\"_blank\" title=\"Casa Barranca - Organic Winery and Pratt House Greene & Greene Estate\">Casa Barranca Winery</a>.

Private Residence, Ojai

<p>This private residence and guest house is situated in idyllic Ojai, CA. The guest house features a spacious yoga studio. The murals help lift the ceiling and enrich the space.</p>

Casa Barranca Yoga Studio

<p>Casa Barranca, located in beautiful Ojai, CA, is the estate at which the preeminent Arts & Crafts architects Greene and Greene built their famous \"Pratt House\" in 1909. The house and estate, a classic \"bungalow style\" Craftsman masterpiece, features hand hewn woodwork, sprawling gardens and sumptuous mountain views.</p>

Raices y Brazos Yoga Center

<p>This mural, created at Raices y Brazos, a community yoga center in San Jose del Cabo, is an exploration of the union of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine principles of creation. On the left side of the mural is the Goddess, who sits in the sphere of Earth energy. On the far right is the God who sits in the sphere of Sky energy. In the tree in the middle, with its roots reaching towards earth and its branches towards the heavens, is the union of these two aspects of creation as manifest in the human spirit. The central tree is now the symbol and logo of Raices y Brazos (translated as Roots and Branches) and the figure in the middle reaches up into the sky, bridging the two opposing aspects within itself, while seated firmly on the earth. The central image is based on a design by Violet <span class=\"hide\">McKeon</span> Divine, who co-created this mural.</p>

Ojai Canyon House

<p>Tucked back in the secluded Matilija valley in the mountains outside of Ojai, this house was an art piece in itself. The owner wanted murals and design throughout his house that drew both on the natural elements surrounding the property as well as more cosmic themes and motifs. The faux finishing lends a textured look to the walls and the fine details in the flowers and designs create a spectacular palette of colors and shapes on which to feast the eyes upon.</p> <p>The project took approximately one month of fairly steady work to complete.</p>

Yoga Studio Ceiling Vortex

<p>The Sky Vortex opens over a beautiful hardwood yoga studio floor in Venice Beach, CA. Symbols to the north, south, east, and west in the outer ring framing the opening signify the owners totem spirits. As one moves about the room, the vortex seems to take subtle inhalations and exhalations, helping to create a soft spaciousness.</p>


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