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About Our Logo

By Michael DivineMay 22, 2023  •  Observations

TenThousandVisions Logo Infinity Knot Based on Buddhist Infinite Compassion Knot

I don't know if you've noticed our logo. It's sort of a six pointed knot. I'll tell you the story about it.

Many (many) years ago, I was hired by Jager Di Paola Kemp Design, a design firm in Burlington (I believe they have changed their name/rebranded to "Solidarity of Unbridled Labour"). They've done work for Phish, Magic Hat (a VT brewery) and a ton of other local and not-so-local names including (and most importantly for this story) Burton Snowboards who is headquartered in Burlington, VT.


Kiva – Loans that Change Lives

By Michael DivineSeptember 4, 2017  •  Observations

Some time back I loaned some money on Kiva. Then, after the allotted time, I started getting my repayments. Those payments ended up just sitting in my account there not doing much. So I started looking around and reloaning the money. A little here, a little there. Every little bit, they say, helps. Plus, these are LOANS not gifts. While there's no monetary return other than the original loan, there IS the benefit of helping others in the world.

I've looked through the various projects in the world to see what people are doing. Most are sole proprietor businesses looking to expand and grow - exactly what you expect with a business loan. There's a number of women in the Philippines who would just like to borrow some money to build themselves a sanitary toilet for their families of six or more. There's countless others who would like to grow their businesses, create more stable support systems, and so on. Some are in your own backyard. Some are on the other side of the world.