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View Michael’s Artwork at the Middletown Art Center in Middletown, CA

By Michael DivineJune 2, 2023  •  Events

Middletown Art Center Michael Divine Show

Located in Middletown, CA, the Middletown Art Center is dedicated to hosting a space for art engagement in Lake County, CA. Michael and Violet have painted numerous murals throughout the county and Lisa Kaplan, the director of MAC, wanted to share Michael's work with the community.

Artwork is on view through July 12, 2023.


MOVA Gallery: Solo Show of Michael Divine

By Michael DivineNovember 1, 2019  •  Events

Join us Nov 15, 2019 for a show featuring a massive selection of Michael's paintings.

MOVA Gallery is located at 411 Haight St, San Francisco.


Burning Man 2019: Foamogenesis

By Michael DivineSeptember 25, 2019  •  Events

Stage Design - Foamogenesis - Burning Man, NV

This past Burning Man we had the pleasure of creating the staging backdrop for the Foam Camp. The indoor space is a bit of long story to explain, but suffice it to say, hundreds of people are there every day at the all day dance parties.

The backdrop and staging was modeled after Balinese gates with a giant banner of my painting, Molting, at the top center. Flanking it to the left and right were large lanterns that Violet made from paper, reeds, and mugwort sticks from the garden.


Rainbow Serpent Music Festival Stage Design

By Michael DivineFebruary 24, 2015  •  Events

We just had a GREAT time at Rainbow Serpent Festival in Australia designing and building their 'Market' Stage. Rainbow Serpent is a yearly music festival held outside of Lexton, Victoria. Primarily electronic music, it hosts acts from around the world. I think my favorite moment of the weekend was dancing to Lee Burridge on one of those perfect golden afternoon dance parties. Some of the other performers included Perfect Stranger, Lee Burridge, Beats Antique, Desert Dwellers/Treavor Moontribe and many more.

For the stage, we sent designs ahead of time and had them CNC cut. The center piece of the project was the giant dragon head that Violet spearheaded. The dragon head, crafted from all the scrap parts of the cnc cutting of the project, adorned the top middle of the stage with a disco ball in its mouth. What a labor of love it was but o so worth it when it was put into place.

Check out some pictures below.


Art Outside outside of Austin, TX

By Michael DivineOctober 22, 2012  •  Events

Had a whole lot of fun this past weekend at Art Outside in Texas. Art Outside is a heavily arts-focused festival (in lieu of a festival which is MUSIC + art) put on by a wonderful crew of people, mainly, I think, from the Austin area. Violet and I really enjoyed it - met a lot of wonderful people and made a lot of great connections. Thank you so much for having us out to join y'all!


Lightning in a Bottle 2012

By Michael DivineMay 30, 2012  •  Events

I had a ton of fun this past weekend at Lightning in a Bottle in Irvine, CA. Irvine isn't the sort of place you expect such things - a wild artisticly inclined endeavor of a party - part Burning Man, part LA performance, part.... everything else. But sure enough, there it is and it's a whole barrel of fun. I met some great great new friends and planted seeds for some really awesome upcoming projects. For one, there was Archival Inc, a fine art publishing company that I am working with to produce a new series of high quality limited edition prints on paper. You'll be hearing more about them soon. Another cool thing was a collaboration I did with Hans Haveron. We'd never met before but were certainly aware of each other's work. Hans tends more towards the street art scene while I tend more towards... well, whatever it is that I tend more towards. Our work, while different, was wonderfully complimentary and we created something really beautiful. I look forward to next year.


Stage backdrop, Karl Denson, Tahoe

By Michael DivineAugust 15, 2011  •  Events

Stage backdrop for Karl Denson's Tiny Universe @ Montbleu Showroom, Tahoe on Tuesday, August 9, 2011, post-Phish.

I was up in Tahoe for Phish and some of the afterparties at Montbleu Showroom where Karl Denson, Lotus, and others were performing. It was a super fun time. I also had a small gallery set up outside of the theater in the Montbleu casino that was run by Creative Minds and Visions, a clothing company that I am working with. We are working on a variety of styles including full print sublimation tees. They'll be available in a wider variety and wider distribution very very soon.


Michael Divine @ Harmony Fest, Santa Rosa, CA

By Michael DivineJune 3, 2011  •  Events

I'll be a featured artist at Harmony Festival in Santa Rosa on June 10 - 12. I'll have a number of works featured in the gallery and I'll be live painting during the late night event from 10 - 2am during Krishna Das. I hope to make something pretty :)


Lightning in a Bottle

By Michael DivineJune 2, 2011  •  Events

Had a blast this past weekend at Lightning in a Bottle - a big art and music festival here in SoCal - in the mountains and valleys east of Orange County no less! It's truly a special event that goes above and beyond the ordinary consumption and party fest that many festivals are. Not to say there isn't a party. I think that the best dancing moment was with John Kelley, a good friend and old-school Moontriber, at the Woogie stage at midnight on Sunday.

I participated in Lightning in a Paintcan and created a painting over the weekend that was sold to a lucky person. It was a lot of fun to make and I think I'll be making something similar for the upcoming show at Temple of Visions Gallery (Opening on June 25). It'll be a nice accompaniment to the other piece I'll be showing - The Glass Onion.


MAPS.org Fundraiser and conference

By Michael DivineDecember 17, 2010  •  Events

Great time and great turnout this past weekend in Los Angeles for the MAPS.org conference and fundraiser at Temple of Visions Gallery and the Downtown Independent Theater. Collections of my work along with Amanda Sage's work will be up for the remainder of the month. There's a number of pieces that have never been displayed before. The gallery is located at 719 S. Spring St, LA 90014.