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Create:Fixate Show in Los Angeles

The rest of this painting ‘Interdependently Arisen I’ (the picture is a detail) as well as several other new pieces will be on display this coming weekend at ‘Magnetic’ a Create:Fixate group show in Los Angeles. More info here.

Art Outside outside of Austin, TX

Had a whole lot of fun this past weekend at Art Outside in Texas. Art Outside is a heavily arts-focused festival (in lieu of a festival which is MUSIC + art) put on by a wonderful crew of people, mainly, I think, from the Austin area. Violet and I really enjoyed it – met a lot of wonderful people and made a lot of great connections. Thank you so much for having us out to join y’all!

Here’s a picture of the painting I made over the course of the weekend…

Painting Workshop starts tomorrow!

I’m so looking forward to this. It’s sort of a newish thing for me, as you may know, to be teaching painting and such. After 15 years of working on my process – translating visions to canvas, formless ideas into forms and paying attention to the creative steps that it takes to make it happen – I have felt ready to share this process in order to help others on their creative paths. I’ve had people ask me for years about whether or not I teach and have had friends nudge me in that direction. It’s only recently that I’ve felt ready to start sharing that. If you wish you could have joined us this time, let me know, and I’ll keep you posted regarding the next workshop.

Workshop Information

Lightning in a Bottle 2012

I had a ton of fun this past weekend at Lightning in a Bottle in Irvine, CA. Irvine isn’t the sort of place you expect such things – a wild artisticly inclined endeavor of a party – part Burning Man, part LA performance, part…. everything else. But sure enough, there it is and it’s a whole barrel of fun. I met some great great new friends and planted seeds for some really awesome upcoming projects. For one, there was Archival Inc, a fine art publishing company that I am working with to produce a new series of high quality limited edition prints on paper. You’ll be hearing more about them soon. Another cool thing was a collaboration I did with Hans Haveron. We’d never met before but were certainly aware of each other’s work. Hans tends more towards the street art scene while I tend more towards… well, whatever it is that I tend more towards. Our work, while different, was wonderfully complimentary and we created something really beautiful. I look forward to next year.

Michael Divine Hans Haveron Collaboration Painting

Symbiosis Pyramid Eclipse Painting/Poster

I created a painting for Symbiosis Gathering’s Pyramid Eclipse Festival, May 17 – 21 at Pyramid Lake in Nevada. Signed copies of the poster will be available in the merch tent at the gathering.

View a gallery of it’s step by step process here: Symbiosis Pyramid Eclipse Painting Gallery

MAPS Conference/Art Show in Oakland This Weekend

I’ll be in Oakland this weekend at the MAPS 25th Anniversary Event at the Oakland Marriott. MAPS is a pioneer in the field of psychedelic research. Most notably they are spearheading research into PTSD and MDMA, psilocybin and LSD and their treatment of anxiety and depression, and much much more. This weekend there are presentations, workshops, an art exhibit (of which I’m a part along side such luminaries as Martina Hoffmann, the late Robert Venosa, Alex Grey, and many many more), an all night party and much more. I’ll be displaying half a dozen original paintings and also live painting both Friday and Saturday nights.

For more info and tickets: http://www.maps.org/conference/25/




Exhibition at Temple of Visions Gallery, Los Angeles

For more information, visit the Temple of Visions Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=304597666221807

From the Facebook Invite

719 S. Spring St, Los Angeles, CA 90014

Please join us on November 5, 2011 for this exciting opening exhibition, featuring the art of visionary Michael Divine. The entire gallery space will be devoted to a vast array of works, from masterpieces to many lesser-known and previously un-exhibited pieces.

The main gallery will feature work such as The Glass Onion, Illumination, and Limits, framed by master of the craft Matt Elson. The back gallery spaces will be loaded with never before seen pieces, including studies, sketches, and experimental artworks. The pieces in this show have been produced over the course of the past 15 years.

This wide spectrum of work illuminates the artistic process and grants viewers a look inside the mind of this prolific artist. Works illustrating the varying processes involved in making an art piece, from the deep inner urge to create to the careful plotting ideas and concepts, are presented. We are thrilled to share this opportunity for a deep personal look into this exemplary artist.

View Michael’s work here: http://www.tenthousandvisions.com/

BRIAN SEED (Moontribe)
GABRIELLE (Terrakroma)


$5 @ the door (Support the arts and music!)

Burning Man 2011

The Glass Onion Temple at Burning Man 2011

Burning Man: always a lot of work, a lot of fun, and a lot of love. I had a wonderful time with some wonderful friends. Lovely sunrises and much beauty abounding… I had a lightbox of The Glass Onion in a small temple out on the playa. The lightbox and altar will soon have a new home at Temple of Visions, downtown LA. I also was stoked to be a part of the Fractal Nation Village with my art displayed amongst a talented roster of individuals including Robert Venosa, Luke Brown, Amanda Sage, Carey Thompson and others. Fun and inspiring times! Now, however, I look forward to getting back to painting…

Main Stage Banners at High Sierra

This past summer, on the 4th of July weekend, I was again at High Sierra Music Festival up in Quincy, CA. It’s a beautiful area of California that reminds me a lot of Northern Vermont – rolling hills, farmlands, vast skies. It’s just that the trees are twice as tall and the environs just a bit more permissible. In any case, I returned there again this year and brought with me some big banners for the main stage. The banners were each one half of the painting Birth of a Star (Link) and were printed on speaker mesh so that they wouldn’t impede on the sound and so the wind could adequately blow through them. I was really stoked to be able to add to this really awesome festival. It’s been going on for 21 years and has such a friendly open vibe and is a ton of fun.

Some of the musical highlights included:

  • The Warren Haynes Band: I saw him play years ago with Gov’t Mule. I was never much into the heavy southern rock thing of Gov’t Mule but this band: it’s smoking. With it’s nod towards funk and soul and Warren’s ripping guitar work, it was pretty quite stellar. Really: it cut right through me and was a phenomenal show.
  • Los Amigos Invisibles: Last I saw these guys was somewhere in Massachusetts about 10 years ago. I first became aware of them via their Arepa 3000 album which was produced by David Byrne (an estimable and respectable figure). They’re non-stop funky wildness and were a perfect late afternoon fun time.
  • Scott Law and Materialized: I think I’ve heard of these guys. In any case: psychedelic electric funky jazz rock funk stuff. Good times!
  • Chris Robinson Band: I saw the Black Crowes for the first time the year before at High Sierra and they put on an incredibly soulful and heartfelt show. Chris’ band follows in that with a bit more improvisation and a lot of love. It was raw, solid, and honest.

There was a whole lot of other music in there too, some of which was truly awesome. I love music and I love to dance and find that, in those rhythms and patterns, the high and lows, I can lose myself in it and find so much inspiration that is later expressed through my artwork. In any case, I’m grateful for a chance to play up in the mountains with such stellar company.

I also want to extend my thanks and gratitude to Lisa Brown, ambiance crew coordinator, and Adam Roberts of Summit Art Licensing for helping to make this all happen. Really: truly grateful for your patience and willingness to move forwards and make it happen.

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