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Michael Divine @ Harmony Fest, Santa Rosa, CA

By michaeldivine_7bigwtJune 3, 2011

I’ll be a featured artist at Harmony Festival in Santa Rosa on June 10 – 12. I’ll have a number of works featured in the gallery and I’ll be live painting during the late night event from 10 – 2am during Krishna Das. I hope to make something pretty 🙂


Lightning in a Bottle

By michaeldivine_7bigwtJune 2, 2011

Had a blast this past weekend at Lightning in a Bottle – a big art and music festival here in SoCal – in the mountains and valleys east of Orange County no less! It’s truly a special event that goes above and beyond the ordinary consumption and party fest that many festivals are. Not to say there isn’t a party. I think that the best dancing moment was with John Kelley, a good friend and old-school Moontriber, at the Woogie stage at midnight on Sunday.

I participated in Lightning in a Paintcan and created a painting over the weekend that was sold to a lucky person. It was a lot of fun to make and I think I’ll be making something similar for the upcoming show at Temple of Visions Gallery (Opening on June 25). It’ll be a nice accompaniment to the other piece I’ll be showing – The Glass Onion.


MAPS.org Fundraiser and conference

By michaeldivine_7bigwtDecember 17, 2010

Great time and great turnout this past weekend in Los Angeles for the MAPS.org conference and fundraiser at Temple of Visions Gallery and the Downtown Independent Theater. Collections of my work along with Amanda Sage’s work will be up for the remainder of the month. There’s a number of pieces that have never been displayed before. The gallery is located at 719 S. Spring St, LA 90014.


House of Hamsa Party/Day out of Time Event – July 25, 2010

By michaeldivine_7bigwtJune 10, 2010

I know it’s a ways off but I recently created a commissioned painting for this flyer and event, held in San Francisco on July 25th, 2010. Featuring the music of a collective of musicians from Hamsa Lila, Beats Antique and others, some great DJs and my artwork and some live painting, it’ll be a fun time. O yeah, it’s in honor of the (semi-controversially important) Mayan Day out of Time. One way or another, it’s a fun time… Come check it out. 800 tickets available…

For more information and tickets go HERE.

Day out of Time Party Flyer with Hamsa Lila
Day out of Time Party Flyer with Hamsa Lila