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Dreaming Awake Single Covers

By Michael DivineJune 9, 2021  •  Music

I’ve been licensing artwork to Treavor Moontribe of Desert Dwellers for use on the singles releases on his record label Dreaming Awake. We’ve been friends for many years and I’ve always had fun on dance floors he’s playing at and have known him for years.

Below are a few.

Jamie Stevens – Dante / Artwork: Carte Blanche
Diamandy – Elegant Sadness / Artwork: The Bricklayer’s Dream
Luke Mandala – Phree EP (Featuring Jamie Stevens Remix) / Artwork: The Days Between
Out of Sorts – The Feel (Featuring Jamie Stevens Remix)/ Artwork: Destiny
QuiQui – The Tao of Physics / Artwork: The Apotheosis of Hope
Panayiotis Tassis – Eternal (Featuring Remix by Kassey Voorn) / Artwork: Seeing Through the Patterns
Saeed Younan – Two Left Feet / Artwork: Praise the Oontsa Oontsa