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NFTs and my Art

By Michael DivineJune 8, 2021  •  Art

Looking for NFTs with my art? Find me on https://superrare.co/michaeldivine

My NFTs are rare. They are works that either are not for sale (so no physical original will ever be available) or have been done with a mix of digital and hand made elements so, again, no physical version of an original can exist.


Redbud Park Bass Mural in Clearlake, CA

By Michael DivineSeptember 30, 2020  •  Murals

We recently had the pleasure of painting a mural at the entrance to Redbud Park in Clearlake CA. Clearlake is the biggest lake in California (as well as the deepest) and has an annual bass fishing competition every February. In honor of the bass-centric audience, we painted this epic fisherman with the one that's quite likely getting away.

Enjoy the images of the mural below.


Austin Park Murals in Clearlake, CA

By Michael DivineMay 31, 2020  •  Murals

Wistful Mural - Clearlake, CA

We had the pleasure of painting some vibrant murals in Austin Park in Clearlake, CA. The town had recently refurbished the park with new playground facilities and a bandstand/performance stage. The park sits on the edge of beautiful Clear Lake with sweeping views of Mt Konocti. The town wanted images that spoke to the natural beauty in the flora and fauna of the county. We felt that zooming in on the flowers and the life that thrives around them would be great.

One side features a mural of a giant dragonfly that a person can leap up and take a picture with as if they are the dragonfly. The other side hosts a mural of a bumblebee on wisteria blossoms.


Pomo Mural in Lakeport, CA

By Michael DivineNovember 20, 2019  •  Murals

We designed this mural in Lakeport, CA honoring the basket weaving traditions of the native Pomo tribes. The building is intended to be a community center.

Enjoy the images of the mural below.


MOVA Gallery Mural in San Francisco, CA

By Michael DivineNovember 8, 2019  •  Murals

MOVA Gallery mural - San Francisco, CA

I painted a the facade of the MOVA Gallery - an art gallery on Haight Street in San Francisco. The design was a mix of geometric motifs and gradients on a deep black background utilizing the whole of the facade and including some finer details like the lines over the entry way. Because the gallery shows a wide mix of art, I wanted to create something that was vibrant and bold but also not overly specific. I had a show there that month as well and this was a great way to frame it.

Enjoy the images below.


MOVA Gallery: Solo Show of Michael Divine

By Michael DivineNovember 1, 2019  •  Events

Join us Nov 15, 2019 for a show featuring a massive selection of Michael's paintings.

MOVA Gallery is located at 411 Haight St, San Francisco.


Burning Man 2019: Foamogenesis

By Michael DivineSeptember 25, 2019  •  Events

Stage Design - Foamogenesis - Burning Man, NV

This past Burning Man we had the pleasure of creating the staging backdrop for the Foam Camp. The indoor space is a bit of long story to explain, but suffice it to say, hundreds of people are there every day at the all day dance parties.

The backdrop and staging was modeled after Balinese gates with a giant banner of my painting, Molting, at the top center. Flanking it to the left and right were large lanterns that Violet made from paper, reeds, and mugwort sticks from the garden.


Widespread Panic Poster for Conscious Alliance

By Michael DivineAugust 6, 2019  •  Print Releases

Conscious Alliance is a wonderful organization that accepts food donations and monetary donations to give out to those who are hungry. They are amazing and centered in Colorado. I made this poster for the Widespread Panic show at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado. It'll be silkscreened with metallic inks.


What It Looked Like From Here: Tiananmen Square, June 5, 1989

By Michael DivineJune 4, 2019  •  Paintings

In 1989, I was 13. In the second grade, we'd done drills in grammar school where we knelt against the wall of the school hallway with our heads between our knees because if an atom bomb fell then that was, apparently, the best position to be in (ha! as if) because the Russians were at war with the United States but it wasn't an actual war it was a Cold War and that the threat of nuclear war loomed large in everyone's minds. China was an even bigger mysterious behemoth.

But by the late 80s it seems that tide was turning and in China, students and thinkers and others wanted real change and they organized themselves and rallied in Tiananmen Square. By May of 1989, 300,000 people had rallied in the square. A reasonably detailed and fact based account can be found HERE on Wikipedia. But I remember on June 5th, this man, unmoving, who stood before a line of tanks with red stars on them. I remember the sensation as if a veil of fear were about to be lifted. I remember that the crowds of people were students. I was a student. They were young. I too was young.


Morphic Awakening

By Michael DivineMarch 29, 2019  •  Paintings

This painting was made in collaboration with Layla Love, a photographer and human rights activist. The painting is part of a show in NYC titled 'Rise of the Butterfly'.The show aims to raise money and awareness for issues around and the ending of sex slavery and human trafficking.

I have a small blurb accompanying the piece. It reads: