TenThousandVisions The Artwork of Michael & Violet Divine


Pomo Mural in Lakeport, CA

By Michael DivineNovember 20, 2019  •  Murals

We designed this mural in Lakeport, CA honoring the basket weaving traditions of the native Pomo tribes. The building is intended to be a community center.

Enjoy the images of the mural below.


MOVA Gallery Mural in San Francisco, CA

By Michael DivineNovember 8, 2019  •  Murals

MOVA Gallery mural - San Francisco, CA

I painted a the facade of the MOVA Gallery - an art gallery on Haight Street in San Francisco. The design was a mix of geometric motifs and gradients on a deep black background utilizing the whole of the facade and including some finer details like the lines over the entry way. Because the gallery shows a wide mix of art, I wanted to create something that was vibrant and bold but also not overly specific. I had a show there that month as well and this was a great way to frame it.

Enjoy the images below.


MOVA Gallery: Solo Show of Michael Divine

By Michael DivineNovember 1, 2019  •  Events

Join us Nov 15, 2019 for a show featuring a massive selection of Michael's paintings.

MOVA Gallery is located at 411 Haight St, San Francisco.